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Stephen Rockey Arranger - Composer

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On this site, you will be able to access the highest quality music as a direct download, NO WAITING! You will receive a PDF of the music for you to print instantly.

For the direct download files, there is an option of ordering a printed copy, however, please read the Terms and Conditions first, as this might be more expensive than a download and print.

With many music pulblishers, you often have to wait for a postal delivery which can often take two to three weeks to be delivered, and sometimes longer!

All of my music on this site is availbe for download, NOW! No waiting, instant printable PDF format sheet music. Once downloaded, you can also print as *many copies* as you like, and you always have a back-up for that bass trombone or bass player that's always losing music. 

NOTE: SMP music is not included in this, as it is subject to different conditions. Please see their site for SheetMusicPlus Terms and Conditions.

Stephen Rockey was the Staff Arranger for the British Royal Air Force. He is a much sought after Arranger and Composer, mainly for bespoke arrangements. He studied composition with Professor Ian Cox, Professor Geoff Poole, Professor John Pickard, Professor Raymond Warren and Dr Neil Farwell. Most of his music is done for specific groups and up until now, rarely published, this site has been put up to enable people to have access to as much of his music as is possible, some free, some for a fee.

On this site, you will find many of his arrangements and compositions. They are varied, usually fun to play and differ in the standard required to play them, from the beginner to the top professionals. Music is for sale, mainly through Sheet Music Plus, and Stephen's music is available immediately as a Digital Download. All the pieces on this site have a link to where you are able to buy and download them. He will gladly arrange or compose music for your group, please feel free to contact him via the email below for any commissions.

He has composed for BBC Radio and Television, as well as several of the top musical groups in Britain. He has written for several international soloist, and has over 40 arrangements recorded by various groups. Any style or genre, from solo to a hundred plus ensemble, from Baroque to Contemporary, he is at home with all styles.

He is also a teacher, from beginner to the most advanced levels, having taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Bristol in composing, orchestration and IT for Musicians.

When Stephen performs, he is a low brass specialist, mainly on tenor trombone, but also bass trombone, euphonium and tuba. He was taught by Peter Gayne during his time in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, and by Mark Eager whilst at the University of Bristol, where he specialised in Performance and Composition, getting a BA (1st Class Honours).

During his career, Stephen also studied conducting, starting in 1977-8 with Marcus Dodds, then later with John Forster (RCM) and Frank Renton.

You might also like to check out his other music site: THE ROCK FREE MUSIC where there are many pieces availabe to download in a PDF format, ready to print and play, FREE!

Please feel free to contact him for information about music that is available, either on this site or on The Rock Free Music.


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